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solve hesitation, missfires and flat spots

Toyota MR2 Mark 1 Engine Oil and Filter Change

Oil and filter change

Engine Oil and Filter Change

Oil and filter change 3S-GTE Rev 4

MR2 MK2 Rev3 3S-GTE Oil Change Sump Plug and Filter Location

80-series Throttle Adjustment

MK1A open airfilter

Compression Test

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Drive Train

MR2 Buyers Guide

E code gearbox variations, repairs and mods

The Transmission Oil Mystery

Carrying 4 Tires in a MkII MR2

Detailed Instructions On How To Install A New Flywheel and Clutch On A 1993 MR2 Turbo

1986 Toyota MR2 clutch, remove and replace

Changing Your Clutch Master Cylinder

Drivetrain Repair Info

How to replace the gear linkage cables

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Suspension & Steering

Build your own alignment tool for under $10

Strut Inserts - Installation

MR2 Buyers Guide

Spring-Over Obervations and Recommendations

Replacing the Rear Tie Rods in your MR2

Replacing the Front Outer Tie Rod Ends in Your MR2

repair seized rear toe arms - Mk1a and Mk1b

Changing the ball joints in your MR2

Replacing the FRONT Strut Inserts in your MR2

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Front Brake Discs & Pads

Bleeding the brakes

MR2 Buyers Guide

Brake Booster Replacement

Master Cylinder and Brake Line Installation

Body Repair Info

change Discs and Pads- by Speedy

Refurb your rear brake calipers

AW11 Brakes

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MR2 Buyers Guide

1988 FJ60 Wiring Diagrams

Warning Lights

Katharine aNd Steve - KNS

Blower Motor Repair

Fitting a New Ignition Cylinder

Air Horn Installation

MR2 MKII Electric Aerial

Dead Battery Syndrome

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MR2 Buyers Guide

Warning Lights

Sill & wheel arch repair

sound proofing leaky side mirror for Toyota MR2 - by

Body Repair Info

Disassembling the Door/Rear Panels in a MkII

Removing Door Trim Panels

Mk2 Steering wheel replacement

Fix a Sticking Seat Belt Retractor

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Canvas maintenance - OEM Soft Tops

Canvas maintenance - OEM Soft Tops

FJ40 top removal

MR2 Buyers Guide

Annotated MR2 Turbo Engine Bay

FJ40 Windshield Glass Install

Windshield/Glass Installation

Sagging Door Fix

Body Repair Info

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