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Katharine aNd Steve - KNS

MR2 antenna replacement

Fix the CD player

Fixing a Stuttering CD Player

Car audio install

Audio System Upgrade

3-Speaker Install for the MR2

Fitting Front Door Speakers

Fitting a stereo to a Mk3

2003 Toyota 4Runner Navigation Screen / Head Unit Connections, Connectors, & Pins

audio wiring diagrams

Stock Speaker Size Chart

Power antenna fix

1985 Toyota 4Runner Power Antenna Replacement

Toyota 4 Runner Power Antenna Mast Replacement Guide

How to Wire New Headunit to the Aristo Speakers

Toyota Corolla car stereo removal, repair and installation instructions '91,92,93,94

How to remove the factory car radio from a 2006 Toyota Corolla

Corolla Ae111 Head Unit Removal

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