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Katharine aNd Steve - KNS

MR2 antenna replacement

Fixing a Stuttering CD Player

Fix the CD player

Car audio install

Audio System Upgrade

3-Speaker Install for the MR2

Fitting Front Door Speakers

Fitting a stereo to a Mk3

2003 Toyota 4Runner Navigation Screen / Head Unit Connections, Connectors, & Pins

audio wiring diagrams

Stock Speaker Size Chart

1985 Toyota 4Runner Power Antenna Replacement

Power antenna fix

Toyota 4 Runner Power Antenna Mast Replacement Guide

How to Wire New Headunit to the Aristo Speakers

doggy online- HOW TO:Corolla head unit

Toyota Corolla car stereo removal, repair and installation instructions '91,92,93,94

How to remove the factory car radio from a 2006 Toyota Corolla

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