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Oil Cooler Flush

Oil Filter Report

Compression Test

Changing Sparkplugs

Coolant Flush

Fuel Injector Cleaning

Changing Fan Belts

Head Rebuild tips

BHG (Blown Head Gasket) FAQ

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Drive Train

Changing the Tranny Filter

FAQ: The manual gearbox

Manual gearbox ratios

A/T Error Codes

Autobox gearbox ratios

Rattley idle

Shifter Bushing Replacement

Change the cambelt (93 J Spec TT Auto)

V160 gearbox parts and diagrams

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Suspension & Steering

Knocking and creaking suspension

Swap rear shocks

Spring/Shock Replacement

Swap the PAS pump

Lock Stop Replacement

Supra Front Strut

Swaybar Install

Supra Rear Bushing

Supra Front Strut

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Changing Brake Pads

Refurbing J-Spec Brakes

Brake Bleeding

Replacing the Front Rotors

ABS Error Codes

FAQ: Oil, Fluid, Interval, Capacity, Steering, Brake, Coolant, Diff, Engine.

Supra Big Brake

Supra Brake

Replace Rear Brake Pads and Rotors

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Fan Speed Blower Resistor Replacement

Flat Battery (plus what to replace it with)

Digital Dash Fuel Sender Fix

Refurbish electrical connectors

Antenna Replacement

A/C Diagnostics

Swap your heater matrix

Supra Fans

Gauge options..

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Supra Heater

Dying your carpet Black

Auto-Up Window Switch Mod

How To: Makeover Your Instrument Cluster

Detailing the interior of your auto.

Change a Cabin Air Filter

correctly detail your auto

How to Remove Window Tint

Technical Service Bulletin and Recall Information

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Windshield Washer Flush

Spoiler Seal Replacement

Remove the front bumper (plus meshing guide)

Hood Strut Replacement

Remove Painted Pin Stripes

Car Paint Improvement - Polish your paint to look like new

Rust Removal using Electrolysis

Detailing Clay & Pre-wax Cleaning - Autopia Car Detailing

Engine Compartment Detailing

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