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Engine Mechanical

Compression Test

Weep Hole Plug Repair

Club4AG Forum Topics: DIY: 4age Valve Stem Seals.

Toyota LandCruiser RJ70 - Bundera -1986. Replacing the head gasket, step-by-step (with pictures).

Changing big end and main bearings with the crank in situ

Drivetrain Repair Info

Change The Timing Belt And Head Gasket

Do the SW20 3S-GTE Timing Belt

Modiying 3SG engine

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Oil (Lubrication)

Toyota MR2 Mark 1 Engine Oil and Filter Change

Engine Oil and Filter Change

Oil and filter change

MR2 MK2 Rev3 3S-GTE Oil Change Sump Plug and Filter Location

Oil and filter change 3S-GTE Rev 4

Oil Pan Gasket Replacement

Drivetrain Repair Info

Changing Your Oil

Change your own oil in your V6 camry

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Air Intake

80-series Throttle Adjustment

MK1A open airfilter

Compression Test

Cruiser Carb Info


Toyota LandCruiser RJ70 - Bundera -1986. Replacing the head gasket, step-by-step (with pictures).

Air Flow Meter (AFM) Notes

Carter/Edlebrock Carb Modifications

JR Air Filter Installation

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Changing dissy and rotor arm!!

Ignition Timing

Setting Ignition Timing on an MR2 Turbo

Ignition Maintenance

ECU Diagnostic Codes

DIY: 4AGE distributor rebuild

Spark Plug Wire Test

Change The Distributor Cap, Rotor, Spark Plugs, and Plug Wires on a MkII

Magnecor leads

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Coolant Change (mr2 Sw20)

Changing Your Coolant

Changing Coolant in a 1993 turbo

MKI Overheat

Toyota LandCruiser RJ70 - Bundera -1986. Replacing the head gasket, step-by-step (with pictures).

Remove air from coolant

MR2 Engine Cooling Fan Modification


Thermostat Replacement

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Fuel System

Remove Your Fuel Rail and Have it Calibrated

replace the heater hoses on top of the fuel tank

Fuel Cut Defenser

3S-GTE Fuel pump mod

Replacing the 3.0L V6 Fuel Filter

Fuel filter replacment

Replacing the Fuel Filter on a 98 4Runner V6

Fuel Filter Replacement - 3.0 V6 Engine

Fuel Injector Cleaning

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Emission Control (O2, PCV, EGR)

Emissions Layout


Smog Pump Rebuild

Drivetrain Repair Info



MkII O2 Sensor Diagnosis

Checking your O2 sensor

EGR removal - 83 2F desmog

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Exhaust Manifold Removal and Fitting

Drivetrain Repair Info

Magnex Stainless Steel Exhaust

Detailed Instructions To Upgrade Your Exhaust

Installing your own exhaust

Dual Exhaust Installation

Toyota Corolla performance

Exhaust Install

Cat-Back Exhaust

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Electronics (ECU)

IMOC How to - Resetting the ECU

MK1A ECU Codes

ECU Diagnostic Codes

Installing J&S Safeguard Ultra II

check ECU error codes on a Toyota Celica GT4 ST165

reset the ECU on a Toyota Celica GT4 ST165

check ECU error codes on a Toyota Celica GT4 ST205

Engine Error Codes

Check the diagnostics codes

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Extras (generator, starter, etc.)

Drivetrain Repair Info

Replacing the alternator in a MKI MR2

CS-130 Alternator Wiring

Serpentine Belt and Power Steering Conversion

Adding Cruise Control to a Mk I

Replacing Alternator Brushes

4Runner timing belt change

replacing 2az-fe serpentine belt

Changing Fan Belts

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Forced Induction

MR2 Turbo Ignition System Maintenance

HKS 4AGTE turbo Manual

Supercharged MR2 Technical Information Page

APEXi AVC-R MR2 Turbo Installation Notes

Installing Engine Bay Fans

Install The Greddy Blow Off Valve

GReddy Intercooler Installation - Page 1

Blitz Dual Turbo Timer Installation

Blitz Dual Solenoid Boost Controller Installation and Operation

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