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Air Intake

Supra AirFlow

Resetting your Air/Fuel Mixture Ratio

fit an intake air temperature monitor to a Toyota Celixa GT4

Supra Intake

DIY Intake

DIY Intake

Celica ColdAir

Open Element Air Filter

Gas flowed Throttle Body on a GT4 ST165

Installing an Apexi S-AFC II on the ST

Supra Air Fuel

Zex Nos Kit Installation

Building a Cold Air Intake for the ST

Easy Custom RAI [08.25.01]

E.L. Prototypes CAI (MAF) [02.11.03]

Cold Air Intake for 1992 Corolla

Improving the Throttle Response [03.21.01]

Better Custom RAI [09.16.01]

Swapping in a Celica GT Intake Manifold Guide ['04]

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