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Add-on Electronics

Replacing the battery on a Toyota Keyless remote and more

instruction on replacing the battery on the Lexus remote and replace the air filter

Soldering 101

Reprogram a RS3000 Remote

Programming Toyota Sienna Door Remote Keyfob Instructions.

Red Japanese warning messages

I’m told that I can access the diagnostics of the car, How can I do this?

Remote Keyless Entry Programming Procedure

Disable VSC/TRAC

Hacking Navigation

2004 Prius Keyfob Battery Change

Soarer TV tuner repair manual

Remove/Replace 98-2000 Navigation hard drive

How to reprogram V1

Connecting 2004 Camry Navigation Radio to 2003 Toyota 4Runner

Installing a Cobra 75WX CB Radio

Remove the Navigation ECU from a 2003 Toyota 4Runner

Mods for Ipod, Garmin Nav, Valentine1 and move 12v power socket...

Remove the Navigation Head Unit from a 2003 Toyota 4Runner

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