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Successful 1992 ES300 Spark Plug Change

Spark Plug Change for GS300

Change Spark Plugs

sparkplugs GS400

How to replace spark plugs on 94 Aristo 3.0 V

How to Replace the Spark Plugs & Ignition Wires

How to Replace the Distributors & Rotors

Changing I6 spark plugs - blow-by-blow

How to Replace Your Diesel Glow Plugs

Tune Up My Car or Truck Information Car Repair

OBD Codes for 1996-2003 Cars

How to Test Check a Car Engine Alternator

Frequently Asked Questions

GS430 Piston Vs. LS400 Piston (3UZ vs. 1UZ)

GS430 Block Vs. LS400 Block (3UZ vs. 1UZ)

1uzfe Q&A, 1uzfe information and swap

Lexus-Toyota V8 1uzfe Variants

Engine Cover & Pop Clip Removal

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