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BajaTaco Camp Shower

Small antenna

Bigger rear wiper


Carbon Fiber Lip

Making Custom Hood Vents

Making Your Tail-Lights Completely Red

Installing JDM-Style Side Markers

Making Headlight Eyebrows

Painting Your Window Trim

Modify the front grille on a ST165 GT4 to provide a cooler air intake

Installing the TRD Lip Kit [02.27.03]

Installing a Carbon Fiber Hood [04.25.03]

Painting the Brake Calipers [11.08.01]

Installing a GT Wing [10.16.02]

Single Wiper Mod [03.26.02]

Installing TOM'S Side Skirts [12.13.02]

Installing M3 Mirrors [06.23.02]

Rolling the Fenders [11.08.01]

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